At Major Blue Air we offer a wide range of flight training courses. Click on one of the courses shown below to find out more:

Our courses


This is where all pilots start their training. If you are looking to fly as a hobby or during your spare time then these are the courses best suited for you. If you would like to progress your career as a pilot after you complete these courses then find out more about our other courses below.

Trial Introductory Flight

Recreational Pilot License (RPL)

Private Pilot License (PPL)


Once you have completed your Recreational Pilot Licence and Private Pilot Licence, you can start your commercial career as a pilot by obtaining your Commercial Pilot Licence. You can also become a flight instructor once you have completed your Commercial Pilot Licence by completing a Flight Instructor Rating. Find out more below. 

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Flight Instructor Rating

advanced training

Add these ratings to your licences to enable you fly a wider range of aircraft , including multi engine aircraft. Additional ratings such as instrument ratings and NVFR ratings allow you to fly when conditions are not VMC. Find out more about these courses below. 

Multi Engine Class Rating

Single Engine Instrument Rating

Multi Engine Instrument Rating

Night VFR (NVFR) Rating 

Advanced flight instructor ratings

After completing your flight instructor rating you can add these ratings to your licence to allow you to teach instrument ratings or multi engine ratings. Find out more about these courses below. 

Instrument Rating Training Approval

Multi Engine Training Approval

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