Private Pilot License (PPL)

Whats is a PPL?

The Private Pilot Licence grants you the freedom to fly a single engine aircraft beyond the aerodrome, to new destinations throughout Australia.


This training course will cover the skills needed to navigate the aircraft in a safe and effective manner. Utilizing the skills developed within the RPL module, the PPL module introduces navigation skills and procedures.


How long will the training take?

Training at Major Blue Air can be done at your own pace, allowing flexibility around your schedule. After completing the RPL, some students are able to complete the PPL module in 3 weeks, but there isn’t any time restrictions; take as long as you need.


What does the training course consist of?

Training for the Private Pilot Licence consists of both theory and practical learning events. This competency based course is designed to meet and exceed CASA requirements.


Students have the option of self-studying the theory section with the aid of text books, or Major Blue Air can provide an instructor to assist with getting you prepared for the exam. For the flight training, our experienced instructors will utilise our modern facilities and new aircraft fleet to effectively teach the fundamentals of flying and develop the skills required to be a safe and confident pilot.

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