Single-Engine Instrument Rating

What is a Single-Engine Instrument Rating?

Throughout the Instrument Pilot course the student will learn the skills necessary to fly an aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR). This entails learning to fly the aircraft solely by reference to instruments. The student will acquire the necessary skills to fly the aircraft in the clouds as well as under air traffic control (ATC) guidance.


As an instrument rated pilot, an airman is capable of flying in a multitude of different weather scenarios. Having this rating opens significant options for a pilot who wishes to advance their flight experience and/or career. The skills learned during this course are an integral part of becoming an accomplished airman and will significantly improve the flight capabilities of any pilot.


How long will the training take?

Training at Major Blue Air can be done at your own pace, allowing flexibility around your schedule. At a full time capacity this course can be completed in as little as 6 weeks.


What does the training course consist of?

This course is a blend of flight training, simulator training, instructor briefings, and a flight test at the conclusion. The pace of learning and scheduling of lessons is  tailored to each student’s availability and needs.

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